Breckenridge Township, Colorado

Main Street, Breckenridge
Main Street, Breckenridge

Breckenridge is the home rule municipality and the most populous in Summit County. The last population census indicated 4,540 residents in 2010, not including part-time residents and vacation homes.

The mountains surrounding Breckenridge offer excellent views of the mountains and the nature that thrives in it. During the summer the wild plants and their colors splash areas of the mountains canopied only by the tall narrow lodge poll pines. Residents and tourists are out enjoying the weather, hiking, biking, exploring, and shopping. Less than a minute or so up the mountain and you are in completely different world. Just the whisper of a breeze and a few restless birds chirping.

Blue River
Blue River

In the winter, snowy mountains attract another crowd of enthusiast that love to ski and enjoy the snowy winter activities. The bustle of gondolas and chair lifts are at the heart of the operation.

Breckenridge, CO in the winter
Breckenridge, CO in the winter

Summer or winter there is no shortage of athleticism and energy in the residents of Breckenridge. I could definitely see why someone would want to live here. The afternoons are warm and sunny and the nights cool down, but there is no end to the subtle breeze that blows through the hills and mountains, making a good night sleep more than likely.


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