Great White Shark
Great White Shark

The bottom line is that sharks live in the water and we do not, it is their home, not ours. Sharks do not necessarily hunt people, we don’t have a good ratio of meat to bone to be on their menu and it is also suggested that we don’t even taste good. Unfortunately for us sharks need to be able to take a bite in order for them to taste us, just like we do when we eat. The sharks main objective is to consume as much fat and protein as possible with the least amount of effort. Sometimes we just get in the way or are mistaken for something else such as a seal or a turtle. From the murky depths below we are just a silhouette in the sea.

Bull sharks are actually the most aggressive and will attack for any reason. They grow between 5 and 6 feet, but are plenty equipped to take down a human. Bull sharks are also able to convert from salt water to brackish water, and even freshwater. Great whites are most deadly because of their abilities to hunt and destroy their prey with massive biting force. These sharks grow between 16 and 20 feet long weighing up to 4,500 lbs. Their prey consists of seals, turtles, and whales and can smell blood from 3 miles away. Great whites are an apex predator and are required in the oceans food chain of checks and balances. California’s coast is the most dangerous because of the numerous attacks by Great White Sharks.

There are some factors which definitely contribute to being attacked by any meat eating shark.

  • Loud noise and splashing
  • Bright colors like yellow, white, and orange
  • Rapid movement

Since sharks can capsize small boats the only way to be certain you will not be bitten by a shark is to stay out of the water.

Bull Shark
Bull Shark

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