Three Ways to Improve your Credit Score

A longtime entrepreneur and business owner with many years of experience, Anthony Pierpont currently serves as a residential and commercial realtor for RES Realty, based out of Burnsville, Minnesota. Anthony Pierpont possesses considerable expertise in the field of commercial loan origination, which relies heavily on the credit score system. Below are three quick tips to help you improve your credit score.

Anthony Pierpont with friends
Once you have good credit, protect it!

Pay your bills on time: By far the simplest way to boost your credit score, paying your bills on time helps you minimize outstanding debt and avoid applying for unnecessary credit.

Keep credit card balances low: Instead of placing all your purchases on one credit card, utilize a system of “revolving credit.” Even if you pay bills on time, high outstanding debt can have a negative impact on your credit score.

Be patient: Once you start catching up with your debt, your credit score will not change instantly. It takes time for your credit score to increase, so keep at it and do not become discouraged.


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