Three Easy Steps for Making the Quick Home Sale

Anthony Pierpont, a Minnesota realtor and commercial loan originator, operates Royal Commercial Capital and serves as a residential and commercial realtor for RES Realty, based out of Burnsville, Minnesota. With the latter firm, Anthony Pierpont facilitates real estate transactions for commercial and residential clients.

Anthony Pierpont
Anthony Pierpont

Positioning a home for a quick sale begins with a focus on “curb appeal,” or the appearance of the property on the outside. Repainting chipped paint and carefully pruning, weeding, and landscaping the front yard constitute critical first steps in ensuring that the home whets prospective buyers’ appetites. Naturally, making necessary interior repairs is just as important, with these extending from fixing wall dings to repairing leaky faucets. It is a big mistake to hide major problems behind a cosmetic facade. Remember, if the potential purchaser finds one issue, he or she is likely to keep digging until more are uncovered, with the deal possibly falling through (or the offer dropping significantly) as a result.

A final step toward the quick sale involves a process of “staging” the house by getting rid of clutter and untidy areas, and in general depersonalizing the living space. Potential buyers are largely attracted to spaces that look like those found in a magazine or catalogue, to which they can add their own personal imprint. To contact Mr. Pierpont, visit or call (612) 850-8039.


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