How to Repair Damaged Credit Scores

Anthony Pierpont commands more than 20 years of experience in real estate and property management. He began his career in 1992 when he purchased, sold, managed, and renovated several properties, resulting in a diverse and prosperous portfolio. In 2002, he founded Royal Commercial Capital, a company focused on developing sales and marketing opportunities, and on commercial loans origination. As part of the company’s extensive array of services, Anthony Pierpont consults with clients to help them repair and improve their credit scores.

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Repairing a low credit score takes time. The first thing people interested in improving credit scores should do is order a copies of their credit reports. offers free copies of credit reports. Sometimes the reports contain incorrect data that negatively impacts credit scores. Check amounts owed to verify their accuracy and make sure there are no listings for late payments that were actually paid on time. Correct those errors by calling the appropriate credit card companies.

Other methods of improving credit scores require effort and careful attention to paying bills. Be proactive by setting up payment reminders through free online calendars or smartphone apps. Some people might consider arranging automatic payments that credit card companies withdraw on the same day every month. When possible, pay more than the minimum amount owed.

Never hesitate to contact credit card companies and ask for help reducing debts. Most companies offer special programs such as deferments and zero-interest pay periods where every monthly payment chips away at the amount owed instead of simply paying interest.