The American Dream part 3 of 3

Pheng Yang, a member of the Hmong community, had shown success in running a small herbal medicine shop in East St Paul. His success quickly outgrew the small rented store he was working out of, and he expressed a desire to purchase his own building in which he had room to expand. But without a history of property ownership and sufficient credit , local banks and traditional investors were unwilling to lend him the money to do so.

This is where the diversity of Royal Commercial Capital’s lending sources can play an essential part in the success of emerging entrepreneurs. We know where to look, and we were able to secure funding for the building that is now home to Mr. Yang’s “Herbal Miracle” store, which continues to flourish. Months after the transaction, I mad a visit to Mr. Yang’s store to see how things were going, and also to seek out an herbal treatment for a respiratory ailment that has been troubling me for quite some time. Mr. Yang was very happy to see me, and expressed his gratitude by not only prescribing an effective remedy for my condition , but insisted on providing it for free

At Royal Commercial Capital , we are not only a source of capital for the well established, successful businesses and organizations, but also champions of the little guy, the mom and pop entrepreneurs, and of course the American Dream.

It has been a wonderful experience serving the immigrant communities of Minnesota and making so many wonderful life long friends with great people from all over the world. It has been an honor to work with so many hardworking and loyal people and I look forward to serving them for years to come.