Anthony Pierpont: Sunset Photography- Advance Considerations

Some of the most breathtaking shots in landscape photography occur during sunsets. In order to have a chance of catching and framing the most beautiful shot, some advance planning could increase the possibility of capturing a spectacular shot.

Anthony Pierpont Anthony Pierpont enjoying a beautifu day in the Phillipines
Anthony Pierpont Phillipines

Among these are:

Advance scouting of locations that offer a variety of foreground objects for use in varied compositions, including high contrast silhouette shots.

Knowing the exact time of sunset with a plan to arrive an hour early. At times, the most dramatic photo opportunities occur as sunset approaches.

Having extra batteries, a tripod, plus a variety of lenses and filters that can be rapidly interchanged, allowing for varied framing, focus, and lighting approaches.

Maintaining an awareness of weather and pollution conditions. Variable clouds and even smoke and haze often contribute to striking sky colorations or contrasts.

About the Author: An avid photographer, Anthony Pierpont is a real estate and finance professional with extensive travel experience.