The American Dream by Anthony Pierpont part 1

The American Dream
By Anthony Pierpont
Part 1

I immigrated myself to Minnesota from Californian in 1998 and discovered the Twin Cities and continue to this day to be amazed with all the diversity it has to offer. It was through owning and operating a chain of mortgage companies that I tapped into the immigrant community from every continent and made friends with so many wonderful people. It was the loyalty of these diverse communities that would provide me enough business during the recession of 2008-2010 that allowed me to survive and now prosper in 2013. Through the years I have made some amazing friendships with members of the immigrant community and now call many of them best friends and brother. As my career transitioned and I had to shift my sales during the storms of the economy these loyal friends followed me and went out of their way to send me business and support and I in return did everything to go out of my way and take extra steps to insure their friends and family were very well taken care of. I tapped into my years of experience in hospitality to go the extra mile with each client referral and make sure that the transaction of purchasing a first home or commercial property was done so that the client was set up for success and was not biting off more than they could chew. Inspections and financial analysis was conducted to protect each client with first class service and follow through.

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