My Experience with the Twin Cities Rise program part 4 by Anthony Pierpont

Michael would spend Summer and Fall at the TCR program and the instructors fixed up his resume and taught him many valuable skills. The instructors focused on his typing speed and us of computers. One of the greatest things that the program teaches its students is empowerment and positive outlook. Michael spend Monday through Thursday attending classes and I would encourage him to continue his classes.

At one point his guardian was concerned that his money was running out and Michael panicked and wanted to quit the program and get out and find a job. Tony Blakey and myself were able to convince Michael to stay in the program because it would increase his chances of meaningful employment if he stayed in the program while looking for work. I pleaded with Michael not to quit and I promised him that I would reward him if he stuck it out. Michael was also accepted into an apprentice program and this should increase his chances of being taken on by a sponsor company that will apprentice him into a job and hopefully long term employment.

Michael was awarded recognition for perfect attendance and honored for his efforts at an awards ceremony which was attended by his brother and family. The testimonials and speeches of the graduates was very moving and I especially enjoyed the speeches on self empowerment. I was so inspired that I will be active in fund raising for this group.