My Experience with the Twin Cities Rise program part 2

As time went on getting to know Michael Mazar I realized that Michaels job experience was dead end.

He was working through a predatory temp service that specialized in finding work for the disabled and once everything was fleeced out of their pay checks they were making less than 5.00 dollars an hour. Michael would eventually get laid off and slowly he would dwindle his inheritance. Michael’s guardian would spend two years working on getting Michael set up with some form of government assistance. In the Winter of 2011-2012 Michael and his guardian told me they were running out of money and we need to find him a Job.

We wrote up a resume for Michael and I was very pleased to find out that Michael had an AA college degree. We hit the street and went to numerous companies and restaurants putting Michaels resume out and asking to speak with Managers for an interview. Both Michael and myself went on line and put his resume out on and We signed up with a temp agency and visited Job fairs.

We even visited some of these companies two and three times and were coming up with nothing. I was concerned that Michael would be homeless if the guardian could not get some for of assistance for Michael but we kept plugging away. It would be at a Job fair that we would see a light at the end of a long tunnel.


Anthony Pierpont and Michael Mazar