My Experience with the Twin Cities Rise program part 1

In 1998 when I moved to South St Paul my goal was to escape from many negative aspects in Southern California and moving to the Twin cities was a great way to unwind from the rat race. My next door neighbor was a man by the name of Peter Mazar and his son Michael. Peter was a veteran of World War Two and he fought in the pacific theater. His son was very quite and we did not talk that much..Years later Pete passed away and I gave Michael my business card and told him we should stay in touch and be friends. I also made contact with Michaels brother Scott who lived in town. Pete was always a very nice neighbor and was generous with everything he had. Out of respect to his memory I figured keeping an eye out on his son was a good thing to do in his memory.

At the end of 2007 my Wife and I moved to another house but we stayed in touch with Michael and took him out on regular outings at least once a month. As time went on we realized Peter had never really had his son diagnosed but it was obvious Michael had a mental disability and he stuttered and was quit and introverted. Michael was assigned a guardian and she made sure to pay all of Michaels bills and co ordinate work for him.

About Anthony Pierpont:

As owner of Royal Commercial Capital in Burnsville, Minnesota, Anthony Pierpont provides funding for multi-million projects throughout the US.

Anthony Pierpont, Michael Mazar and Jack Moryn