How to Photograph the Sunset By Anthony Pierpont

Although sunsets occur every evening, they never lose their magic. Sunset is a transition point, not day, not night, where a sense of wonder is able to enter people’s busy lives. Photographing the sunset can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences a photographer can have. Below are a few tips for capturing that elusive moment.

– Setting matters. The colors and variations in the sky are beautiful, but without a grounding framework, be it mountains, ocean, or city streets, the photograph can end up feeling empty and uninspiring.

– Weather is important. Sunsets are most interesting when the weather and environmental conditions are complex. Clouds and haze in the sky (vivid colors, unfortunately, often come from pollution) draw out intricate colors and shapes that can make a photo unforgettable.

– Pay attention to composition. A beautiful sky still needs to be shot from the right spot, with the right elements in the picture. A general rule is to keep the sun to one side of the frame or the other, with other elements of interest (such as trees, people, etc.) in the frame as well. However, good composition is also based on intuition and skill; if the sun in the center makes sense, take the photo that way.

About the Author: Anthony Pierpont owns Royal Commercial Capital and is an avid amateur photographer.

Anthony Pierpont and kids laying on the lawn outside
Anthony Pierpont