When to “Go Organic” by Anthony Pierpont

With the rise of the organic movement, avoiding harmful chemicals and hormones in our foods has gotten easier and easier. However, buying organic foods can quickly add hundreds of dollars to your food budget. Fortunately, experts have outlined several foods that will maximize your organic intake while minimizing excess spending. To create this list, experts considered which foods Americans eat the most and which of those foods contain the highest amounts of pesticides or hormones.

The first item worth going organic for is milk. Many Americans, especially children, consume gallons of milk each year, and this product can contain both pesticides and artificial hormones. While many individuals purchase organic fruits and vegetables, many pesticides do not actually travel past the product’s peel. Because we generally eat apples with the peel intact, however, and because they receive heavy pesticide sprays, apples also make the list of organic produce worth buying. Finally, experts recommend buying organic potatoes, peanut butter, and ketchup.

About the author: A former member of the high-end food services industry, Anthony Pierpont possesses a personal interest in organic foods. Today, he owns and manages Royal Commercial Capital, a Minnesota-based commercial loan company. Interested parties can reach Anthony Pierpont at (612) 850-8039.

Anthony Pierpont and Jack Moryn