About Anthony Pierpont


For over two decades, Anthony Pierpont has provided high-quality service in the financial, hospitality, and real estate industries. At present, he is the owner and Manager of Royal Commercial Capital in Burnsville, Minnesota. In 2002, he started Royal Commercial Capital as a unique lending solution for large developers and small business owners. Under Anthony Pierpont’s leadership, the company has achieved a record of success, funding multimillion-dollar projects amid the economic crisis.

Anthony Pierpont also serves as a residential and commercial real estate agent with Bridge Realty, a firm based in Chaska, Minnesota. Since 2007, Pierpont has worked with clients to help them understand real estate, enabling them to make wise long- and short-term financial decisions. An avid supporter of charitable causes, Anthony Pierpont contributes to Loaves and Fish, Heart of Hawthorne, disabled veterans, and the USO.

Prior to his roles with Bridge Realty and Royal Commercial Capital, Anthony Pierpont worked at the Radisson Hotel Santa Barbara. Joining the hotel as a Food and Beverage Manager in 1993, Pierpont demonstrated a keen sense of service through his work to raise the willingness to return rate to 100%. In 1994, he received a promotion to Restaurant Manager, a position he held for two years. With responsibility for the Radisson Hotel Santa Barbara’s Bistro 1111 restaurant, Pierpont oversaw the bar and room service, inventory, marketing, training, and staff supervision. Pierpont also served as Banquet Manager, managing 40 employees. He served in this role until 1998. Under his leadership, the Radisson Hotel Santa Barbara successfully catered conferences and events for a number of high-profile corporations and individuals that included MTV; the Discovery Channel; and George Bush, former President of the United States.


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